World Pension Forum

August 18-21, 2015

Summer Summit: Investment in a Changing World

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Join us at the Aspen Meadows Resort!

World Pension Forum's 5th Annual Summer Summit will present dynamic decision makers from public and corporate pension funds, as well as endowments to discuss investment approaches in a rapidly changing world

Some topics we'll address:

  • GP and LP dynamics in Private Equity
  • Infrastructure as an Investment Asset Class for Pensions
  • Tools and Strategies to Meet Return Expectation
  • Fiduciary duty for management and trustees
  • Global Tax Trading: Financial Products & Public Securities
  • Global Perspective: India, China, Russia and Beyond
  • Hedge funds - new structures and shifting partnerships between GP's and LP's
  • Energy Investments: Renewables and Oil And Gas Opportunities

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Featured Speakers

Christopher Hill
John Skjervem
CIO, Oregon State Treasury
Dan Slack
CEO, Fire and Police Pension of Colorado
Julia Bonafede
President, Wilshire Consulting
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Founder, Center for Retirement Initiatives, Georgetown University
Christopher A. Levell
Partner, NEPC
Hershel Harper
CIO, South Carolina Retirement System